This exists a lot between responding EMS agencies

My hubby's is a cop and it's really sad how bad it is!! He himself will help any where but some of these guys have major issues!

They're definitely a rivalry between cops and firefighters. My brother is a cop and tells me all the time how they don't get a long!

Ufa and bluffdale dont like each other I use to work for ufa and was told how the two would argue over accidents an jurisdiction

My husband is a firefighter and it's law that once they show up on scene they take control of the situation. That pissed the police off almost every time

I worked at a coffee shop and the fire department guys came in said just because we have to work with the cops doesn't mean we like them and they don't know what there doing and they are A holes haha and every cop wanted to be a fire man they just couldn't pass the tests so they had to become cops

Hill AFB fire dept and Park City. Top 2 for stair climb and little competitiveness .