In the middle if the night a year ago I woke up to a kid crying outside. I woke up thought who's kid is wandering around outside at this time. Then realized it was in my back yard. Ran out there to find my 2 year old sleep walking.

Doggie door. Multiple times.

When I was 2 I somehow escaped out of my babysitters house. They looked for me for about an hour before calling the cops and my babysitter called my mom at work crying hysterically telling her she can't find me. The cops found me at a 7 eleven 6 blocks down the street. My mom had to pick me up from the police station

When my brother was a toddler he escaped and they found him much later in the back of a moving van playing with the toys

I put the kids down for bed, my husband was also asleep and I left for the store. My 2 year old or out and the neighbors called the cops. My husband woke up to the cops in our house yelling for him.

My brother-in-law found my 2 year old at the end of our driveway. Someone hadn't shut the door all the way and he escaped!

My 2 year old nephew got out of there apt while his mom was in the shower. He fall into an apt pond and died.

My brother was 3 yrs old and snuck out of the house after stealing my dads keys. Somehow climbed through the window in the bed of the truck, started the truck and put it in reverse and it rolled back into a ditch.

I live in a lower condo. When my son was 2 /12 years old he unlocked the sliding glass door to my patio and somehow scaled the 4ft wall to get out of my patio area. Found him on the front steps reading a book with a big smile on his face.

I escaped from the baby sitter at 2 yrs old they found me at the bowling alley about 1/2 mile away

We heard a knock at our door at 2 am on our apartment door in DC. A man 6 floors down brought our baby back. He unlocked the deadbolt!

My son when he was 2 he woke up opened the door and got on the school bus on the first day of school with all the neighborhood kids! My neighbor caught h im and took him off the bus and brought him home! That's how I was woke up!!

When my daughter was about a year and a half her brother helped out of the crib early on the morning. I woke up to wandering down the middle of the road alone:(

I was 3 tried to cross 4 lane highway, m uncles dog saved my life, happened more than once

My 2yo & neighbor 3yo snuck out of our backyard & was found at the corner of our street onto a Main Street. Seriously scary!!

When I was a little girl I wondered off and locked myself in the car in the summer time and I almost died. But then my mom finally found me.

My 2.5 yr old son escaped from backyard with our dog