My aunt dated a trucker and while driving in his big rig they got in a horrible accident. She found out from him later that he was trying to kill her.

Before my husband and I had separated we were sleeping in separate rooms. I woke up in the middle the night one night if I can standing by my bed just watching me. The next day as I was making his bed in his room I discovered a gun underneath his pillow.

My ex husband tried to kill me during the olympics he reached over in the car took my seatbelt poppin told me he was going to run into 1 of the concrete barriers on the freeway

I had a girlfriend try to push me down a flight of stairs. Needless to say, we broke up.

My mom suspected my dad of planning to strap a bomb to her car. She found research and plans of the computer history.

A friends step dad was fixing her moms car and the next time she drive it the breaks went out! The moms car crashed and she died!

friends aunt put glass chips and her husband cereal to try and get him to eat it

The last two years I was with my ex husband, I was very sick and we could never figure out what was wrong with me. I'm fine now. Very healthy. But his current wife has been very ill. Her kidneys shut down and she almost died

My X was wanting a divorce, I was pregnant. One Sunday we went to a movie I went to bathroom. And I truly believe he put something in my drink. Later that evening I felt sick. Sicker then I have ever been. Well sad to say I ended losing my baby. I can't prove anything but in my heart I know he did something

I thought my boyfriend at the time that moved in with me was trying to kill me! A few weeks after he moved in I was throwing up 6+ times a day. It got so bad I had to take leave from work. It went on for almost a year, I found out he was cheating on me and getting credit cards with my info, he had been at the point of the mountain for having sex with a minor!-- A few weeks after I kicked him out I stopped throwing up and was back to normal

My ex tried to kill me. Once he started to drive out the road with me and my kids go the car.

My ex, who ended up robbing two banks, pointed a loaded gun at my face! I thought our marriage would end with me dead!