I am a massage therapist and my Husband forced me to drop a couple of my best paying male clients that I had before we got married.


stopped talking 2many guys bc my hub felt a few tried get with me


my wife put a kibosh on one of my good friends cuz she didn't like how I talked freely about everything outside of marital issues


I'm 28 my female coworker was 65 and my wife hated us talking and going to lunch during the day. She thought I was emotionally cheating on her


 I asked my husband to stop a friendship with woman because she was leaning on him more than her own husband for emotional support. 


 had a best friend, wife got jealous, forbid contact, that's when we started sneaking texting and the relationship changed now we are more than friends


had a best friend since high school and nothing romantic ever happened between is. Two years ago he got married and completely stopped talking to Me



 I said nope to my fiancé with a friend that was a girl. She was going through a rough patch including drugs and divorce


My friends wife made him stop talking to me. Now they're getting divorced and our friendship is stronger than ever. Karma, bitch!