Went to my wife's work had a little argument long story short was escorted off there property by a witch


Friend and I were pitching a show to a network, had meeting w/execs, gf was one of them. Others didn't know. Accidentally gave her a kiss in meeting. She was fired.


Wife moved up to HR so I had to go.


My spouse now was actually my boss, and during a meeting with all of her employees she called me babe. 


My ex stalked me at work. He was a violent drunk and i had a restraining order. I did get in trouble over his repeated phone calls and i eventually quit.


My ex told my boss at Kennicott I was steeling gas, and they fired me!! The messed up thing is that was are only income with a new born!


I am the ex and my ex was up for promotion and she didn't get it because I got her pregnant on purpose and it led to her getting fired for missing so much work


My husband added the phrase "whoopy poopy" into my power point without telling me and it was sent to half the people in my office


My ex got me in trouble at my very strict corporate job by showing up, demanding to see me all because he wanted to get me to buy him drugs. After that I had to submit a drug test to prove that I wasn't involved and that he was just bat crap crazy.


My buddy had to be to court for his work. His wife hid his keys and phone he was a no call no show! Work fired him!


Psycho ex would constantly hang out at the bar I worked at. He would pout and cry when I would talk to other male guests. Awkward! Needless to say He got me fired my boss hated him! And then I fired him! Double D Bag!!!


My ex husband used to show up at my work every day and sit at my.desk and refuse to leave til I gave him money.....until security finally banned him and switched me.locations.....now I work in a secured building he can't get into....lol


I had an ex who would cause drama while I was at work and would make me so upset I would have to leave--he was either High and threatening suicide or just being belligerent . I ended up quitting because he made it impossible for me to be at work and it wasn't fair for me to be half way there for my employer. I thought he would change and ended up dumping him. I lost the best job I ever had over a dumb ass


I am that crazy ex. I was really immature, in my early on in life, and just could not deal with the break up. I called his work repeatedly. Until his boss answered one day and said if I don't quit calling he was going to lose his job.. I called a few more times.