My grandparents introduced my parents and they have been married 31 years. My grandpa was my dad's boss.

My soon to be husbands mom set us up! We have been together for 6 years and are getting married in June!! She loves taking credit!

My mom thought her waiter would be a good match for me so she talked me up and then left my phone number at the table. Married him 4 months after that and divorced him 13 years later!

I met my husband visiting my mom at her work. She played cupid and have him my number and we have been married for almost ten years!

My mother in law introduced me to My husband 7 years ago she was my instructor at beauty school

My husband and I have been married for 7 months and have been dating for almost 5 years all together. Our parents set us up... They were dating. His mom and my dad who we both happened to hate so we agreed to spend time with them to meet each other.

My parents used to go to the local Chinese restaurant and they always got the same waiter that they loved my dad one day was scheming and we went to that restaurant right after I had gotten out of a relationship in hopes that I would fall for this waiter needless to say we're getting married in 2 months and he loves to take the credit for it.

I worked for my now mother in law and she tried to set up me and my husband for years but we always refused and then we just far up saying no. 10 years this year.