My 13 yr old son called cops when I disciplined him. One of the cops got right in his face and yelled at him that if more parents would discipline and spank their kids, there would be a lot less unruly over privileged kids running around. He was so stern he even scared me!

Sister (middle child) called the cops on my mom when she was younger. When they came my mom says, "go ahead and take her".

when my son was 15 he called to report that we were smoking weed because he was mad that he got grounded, the cops came and did a welfare check on our other kids and left because it was obvious that we were not a bunch of potheads

I called the cops when my mom wouldn't let me have a sleepover at nanas house. Sorry mom!

My uncle raised a daughter that was not his. She was acting up in school and he told her to shape up or she will he home schooled. When he withdrew her from public education, she went to a friends' house and called the cops saying he sexually abused her. Not true. He went through the whole legal process. Breaks my heart because my uncle is a great, selfless guy.

My son attacked me then called the police saying I hit him. When the police arrived they saw marks on only me and cuffed him. We later found out he has asberggers

My sixteen year old tried hitting my wife so my wife took her to the ground so my daughter ran to a friends house called the cops and told them my wife hit her my wife had to go to court that's were they realized that are daughter was lying it was horrible

My cousins called the cops on their parents saying they were being abused when they were not and cps took them out of the home. It was all bogus though

My daughter called the cops on me for me smackin her mouth, because she called me a fn b*tch.. They showed up n she threatened to kill me in front of them.. They handcuffed her n took her to the mental hospital in ogden.. Where she stayed for a week

17 yr old called the cops because I would not let her spend her check from work unless she passed her high school classes. (ongoing issue) I told the cops its all in her savings if you want to check. Wtf?