Man stopping every one on a busy road to help mama and some ducklings across. :). I was so happy to see that.

When I was 18 we carried a kid in his wheel chair up to ensign peak, he just really wanted to see the great salt lake.

I was at the gym and an old man was struggling and starting to fall off an elliptical. 2 men got together and lifted him off the machine and got a chair

My husband has performed CPR twice in the last year both people were sent to the hospital and pulled through

There was shooting at my church and my dad and ran for the shooter!

I unfortunately stayed with an 18 year old who was shot, and died in my arms

My niece saved my niece from drowning

My son and 2 of his friends lifted a car that had ran over a 2 year old and save the baby's life.

My husband chased a bank robber out if Wells Fargo and flagged down a cop. The FBI gave him a reward

2 coworkers of mine saw a lady collapse at Costco and started CPR. An ambulance came and she was rushed to the hospital and survived.

My husband's uncle donated his kidney to his sister that was in liver failure. She's alive today.

When my dad was 17 he jumped in a river to save a 2 year old! He just seen her fall in and jump in after her

Few years ago in Vegas my wife, 6 months prego with our twins did CPR on a 2 yr old boy who drowned...boy had been under water for a couple minutes, had no pulse...boy survived and is healthy as can be

I rescued a lost 3 year old girl.