I worked at Rodworks and a lady was stealing a large frame and I ended up jumping her car to get it back.


Back when I was 11 yrs old I saw a mom putting meat in her kids hoodie at the grocery store. I was to freaked out to say anything.


My 5 year old daughter caught someone stealing bags of Potato chips at Subway. The employee questioned her actions. The thief had to put them back 


working at SAMs club it was the middle of summer and a guy walked in with a trench coat I followed him and he packed 4 cartons of cigarettes


2 girls with piles of clothes on each arm. Ran out and hopped into a car with the license plate covered.


I drive a fuel tanker and I witnessed two of my co-workers stealing fuel off of my trailer as I got to work one morning. I turned them both in


I worked at forever 21 and I would see people putting merchandise in their bag all the time


witnessed a couple with children in line in front of me at Walmart stealing a big box of diapers underneath the bottom part of the cart