I was dating a guy that was seeing 2 other women, we all had common friends so we connected through friends. The 3 of us met at my apartment then I asked him to come over, he walked in and there we all were. The look on his face, PRICELESS!!!!!

This happened to my cousin. He was seeing 2 different girls for about 3 years until finally they both met up, found out everything, and set him up! Man I wish I could've been the fly on the wall for that one

did a 3 Way call with his mistress but he didn't know she was on the other line when he was talking to her she found out he was cheating on her

My ex fiancé cheated on me with four different women. one of the women I confronted and we met together he met at her apartment and we let him know that we knew that he was cheating he was so stunned we never saw him again.

My fiance and I were living together and I was pregnant when I found out he was cheating on me with his ex. she and I teamed up and confronted him and both dumped him. But it back fired and Two months later I found out they got back together and a month later they got married! What a perfect love story!

My ex boyfriend cheated on his baby momma with me, left her... Cheated on me with her... Then her and I teamed up... Dropped his ass and became best friends till this day! We are both in great, healthy relationships & he is in prison lol. We Dodged a bullet on that one!

This guy was dating my sister and I at the same time. Needless to say, when we found out, he got the nastiest visit of his life!

I had a class with a girl and found out her boyfriend was trying to hook up with me. We confronted him and he ran when he saw us together! Good times!