My father in law blamed his porn stash on my husband when my hubs was 11. It ruined any relationship they had.

my dad would tell doctors that I was in pain when I wasn’t . to get pain pills and make say nothing !!! messed up !!!!

My friends mom was going to have my friend take a drug test for her, she even brought a cup to the high school to have her pee in it

Had my license for 2 days, my stepfather was driving, hit the car in front of us, threw the keys on my lap and said the insurance info is in the glove box... Got out of the car and walked home.

My boyfriends mom made him take his brother to a video game store late at night, he didn’t have his license only a permit so my bf didn’t want to go, but told him to tell the police that he stole the car from her

My mom found a bag of pot in her closet that was so old it looked like dirt well she put it in her car for some reason and my sister was driving her car abd got pulled over, well my sister had a warrant and they searched the car so my sister took the fall for it