I got emancipated and my mom was furious ... I sued for not only emancipation but for emotional damage ... I won the court case and it took a few months but now we talk and I actually live next door :)

My ex husband took me to court to fight for the kids because his girlfriend at the time was pressuring him to and it was the hardest year but we moved past it cuz I know my kids need us to get along. Whether he hurt me or not.. It's not about us

My girlfriend and I have a daughter we split up and went big custody battle we spent about 25 grand between the both of us and sure enough were back together raising my daughter love baby momma

My husbands grandmas company went under in 08 and her granddaughter who's family was the reason the company went under was suing her for there last paycheck that NOBODY got including my husband. But 5 years later they are back in her life bit it's still awkward.

Christmas of '12 got in a fight with my mother the fight turned physical her towards me and I called the cops. She went to court and has now been on probation for over a year. Things are better than they have ever been she's realizing she can't treat people the way that she does.

A relative sued his parents and their insurance for the accidental and wrongful death of their son, the insurance paid them . They have got past it, the son lives with his parents and has since the accident