Accidentally sexted my clients husband... A little bit awkward

On a number of occasions I've gotten texts from my dad saying "thanks for the exhilarating morning honey! Xoxo" least I know my parents love

I woke up texting this girl to come over and "cuddle" only to learn I accidentally text my aunt. In return she told my entire family

Dad is really close to dan in my contacts. And dad comes first alphabetically... Oops!!!

I am in the young women's presidency in my ward and I sexted all the young women instead of my husband. I about died!!!

 my nephew texted a picture of his junk to my hubby instead of his girlfriend.

My dad sometimes sends me messages intended for his girlfriend. I reply back to them and make it even dirtier than what he sends.

I sent a really raunchy sext, and it ended up going to my mom, had to explain I was joking around with a was so awkward.

I thought I sent a text to my husband "we are so having sex tonight" then I get a reply "this is his mom"

I was sexting my hubby with juice se text and I sent it to my brother inlaw. He can't look me in eye or talk to me. Lol

Took almost naked pic and sent it to my aunt instead of the girl. Very awkward next time she came up to visit....

got a sext from a tenant that was renting from me (and 13 apology texts at 3 in the morning) found out later they were filming online porn at my house

I accidentally sent my 17 year old brother a full frontal nude of me.. I'm a gay guy, it was so awkward.

my brother and boyfriend have the same name... I sent my bro a (mild) pic saying "do I look sexy?"

my mom sexted me one morning. Umm thanks? Put down the camera mom

my best friend sent a picture of her boobs to her bishop. She just had a baby and was showing her husband how big her boobs were:-)

I accidentally texted my little sister in the middle of the night. She was in the room next door and yelled out WTF

my boyfriend and his dad have the same name. Let's just say I've made a couple text mistakes...

I thought I was texting my bf about 'toys' and realized I'd actually text my best guy friend who's like my brother