I was in charge of a department at work and one of the girls underneath me kept trying to undermine me so I started building a case with my boss and got her fired.

I work at a golf course restaurant and I was the only white server and all the Latino servers rallied against me and got me fired by saying I stole money from all of them.

I intentionally gave a girl bad dating advice and convinced her that her boyfriend was cheating on her. I knew she had an early shift the next day and would be fired if she was late. I told her we should go drinking. And we did and I bought her a lot of shots. When we got back to her house I unplugged her alarm clock. She was fired and I got her job. I don't feel bad she was cray

This guy was not very nice to the other employees. so me being the only employee that had some minority blood in me, pushed his buttons until he finally snapped and said some very racist things to me....just so I could get him fired. Hahaha he was let go in front of us all.

I had someone sabotage me at work. When I was a new employee there was a person who would intentionally give me incorrect info when I had a question. Hoping I would give wrong info customers and get in trouble. I guess she was threatened by me. I found out after she quit

So I worked at a restaurant not to be named where a fellow co-worker tried to get me fired by stealing another servers tips and planting them in my locker in the back. Little did he know that the locker room had a camera which watched him do everything! Haha what a douche.

i hate my co worker and he always leaves his 2 liter of diet pepsi on the counter , so some times i shake that $#&%$& out of it.. hilarious when it explodes on him ... l:-) :-) :-) :-) lol

I had a co-worker call child protective services on me but she ended up not succeeding they closed the case!