My friend and I ran from the cops when we were about 13. We weren't about to get a curfew ticket and have my mom fun out we snuck out for no good reason!

July 16 2009 911 Porsche, yeah cop gave up. Will never forget that day. I was not the driver ha

Sped past a cop in my moms minivan in high school. Watched him pull out a few seconds later so j pulled into a neighborhood, parked in a drive way and turned off the car and lights. He drove right past. It was awesome. Ha ha

my husband was almost caught for speeding and a cop chased him into a residential neighborhood near his house. he pulled into an open garage door closed the door and waited for the cops to pass!

In high school we were snowballing cars, and were chased by police officers who had surrounded the neighborhood because apparently there have been some robberies there in the past few days. We had 14 cop cars looking for us including dogs. We made it to my friends house and never were caught.

We used to purposefully do things so the cops would come and chase us, you can ditch cops running through the woods easily. Never in a car.

15 years ago had to run and hide after throwing dry ice

I ran from uhp and got away . . . . 160 mph and bad ass driving skills

Driving home from USU. Sardine Canyon. Camero (bitchin). Passed UHP going 90. Drove 120 mph to bottom and hid. Got away!

When I was little my dad must've gone back to his west side teen days and hit the gas when a cop was gonna pull him over. Bad alone. Worse he was an officer in the Air Force. I recall him being like "what the crap am I doing?!" But it was do or for at that point to save his career. I still don't know to this day how he got away from that cop. Phew.

Made my sister hurry and pull into a residential. We got caught. She got a ticket.

I passed a cop going 95 in a 45 he started coming I kept going needless to say I got away

Running from cops for doing graffiti, caught because my cousin who I was with "didn't want to get tackled "

I saw the flashing lights behind me I had my two sisters in the car. I sped up and turned a corner and pulled into a random driveway

I was 18 years old I had a pound of marijuana in my car and a gun I lost a police officer by driving through a Windee neighborhood ended up seeing an open garage and parked inside the garage and the cops drove right by. It ended up being the house a old Mexican man who came out and brought me a beer and told me to hang out until I felt safe