threw my ex's wedding ring in the Provo river when he left it on the counter one day after I caught him cheating.

My husband's laptop because he was chatting with other women which led to cheating

 My wife had drawings of herself from her ex that she loves, got mad one day n burned most of them

I broke my girlfriend's bird cage

an old co worker cut up all her wedding photos after a dumb fight... They r still together

I threw my engagement ring out the window because we got into an argument

threw my wedding dress in a dumpster .. Later saw a homeless person carrying it down the street.

my sisters husband ripped their marriage certificate when he got mad. Now it's taped together hanging on the wall

in an argument while driving I rolled my window down and threw my phone out the window on I15

I broke his phone. Threw it on the ground and stepped on it

I threw my 1.5 carat wedding ring that was our wedding gift from his parents out of the window on the freeway on the way home to Salt Lake City from Vegas

I was with a boyfriend for over a year. I found out he was cheating so I took the really nice dish set he gave me and smashed them in his driveway.

whenever my mom was mad at my dad she'd take his vinyl records and break them and throw them away. He had no idea.

my mom threw my dads cell phone over the deck and into the snow during a fight. The phone was toast.

We were living with my in laws. My husband & I got into a huge fight I threw my shoe at him, he ducked, & it hit his grandmother's urn & shattered

I threw my fiancées playstation 3 right after it came out and broke it.

My ex gf thought it would be cool to cut up my old 3 finger style baseball glove left a note saying I cared more about it than her

two words. Windshield and phone. Awesome!!

My cousin's ex-wife put her wedding ring down the garbage disposal

found out my girlfriend of 3 years was cheating so I lit her brand new car on fire