My old boss told on a counselor in his ward for drinking coffee. Meanwhile he was huffing nitrous oxide while watching porn during his free time

The girl I was dating at the time was in my ward. I made it to second base and she seemed fine with it. The following Sunday my bishop comes up to me and says that he needed to talk to me. Needles to say I broke up with her right after that.

My ex told my bishop I was a swinger!

One of my friends ratted out his ex wife for sleeping with her uncle. Yeah as soon as he heard about it he left her.

My family was receiving church assistance. We decided to use our tax refund to take our family to Disneyland. Kids told the bishops kids

My cousin ratted out her roommate to the bishop cuz she heard questionable noises (moaning) from the roommates bedroom while the roommate was skyping

I was in a LDS Singles Ward. Two girls I had sexual relationships with, at different times, went to the bishop the same week and both were sure to mention my name. Ya, I got a phone call.

My ex told my bishop I was cheating on him. I wasn't

I told on my roommate who kept bringing her boyfriend over early in the morning and I got tired of it and told the honor code office.

My counselor at LDS social services told my bishop that I had kissed another man when I was married. My bishop called me in to get me to confess. I was pissed.

My roommate told my bishop I had sex with my boyfriend while at BYU Idaho I got kicked out Of school because his mom was a teacher he was allowed to graduate