I am (was) an office manager, just the other day I picked up my crap and walked out for the last time. The owner was an a-hole one time too many!

Im a GM for a local cell phone franchise. In the 2 years I've been in my position more than 7 people have quit in the middle of the week with no notice.

in college I managed the coffee shop I got so fed up one day during the middle of my shift I had an employee who had keys come and lock the doors

I used to be a pizza delivery driver. I went out on a delivery and never went back.

I quit my job at a consulting firm in the middle of a 5 month Anti Money Laundering/ Bank Secrecy Act review for one of the nation's largest banks.

3 years ago I quit the night before BLACK FRIDAY. I couldn't stand my boss

I worked at the post office. It's such a hard job. I dropped a tray of mail. And that's about the time that I was like....eff it.

I was being called to a "meeting" and my boss was standing wait for me as I look to him and walk the other way to the EXIT!!

I was a receptionist for a business and got sick of them stringing me around so one day i just turned off the switch bored for the phones and walked out

worked 1 shift @ what I thought was my dream job!! so gross... so corporate... I bounced... never picked up my check.

I was the only cook one day at a taco place and I quit by writing I quit on a taco and walked out

I worked at a car wash and they wanted me to clean the employee bathroom so i just bounced instead.