Me and my fiancé have 3 kids between us and were only 23. We wear our rings when we go out and don't get 90% of the dirty looks when going without rings.

Bf and I lie about being married to all our neighbors in our new house. They are all Mormon and assumed we were married. We went with it.

I bought a fake wedding ring when I was 18 and would wear it at work so the creepy old man wouldn't hit on me and If a cute boy came in I would take it off.

I work in sales and its my job to flirt and I have a fake rock I wear so when some creepers go to far I just smile and say sorry I'm married

My sister kind of lied about being married. She used to work at a bank and she bought a fake ring to wear so guys wouldn't hit on her.

I work in Long term care old men hit on me so yes I have said I was married

I'll wear a ring when I go places with my daughter because I look young to have a kid and I'm not married.

Creeps would hit on me on me while riding Trax. I even went as far as wearing a fake ring.....

Zoo I lied about being married because the ugly chick want to take me out

I lied about being married to my gay best friend so my mom could get a free cruise

Brandi wrote that song for me! I'm knocked up and lied the other day about being married and had to hurry and make up a wedding date!! I had to make sure it didn't overlap my divorce! Lol

I used to lie and say I WAS married before I was. I worked in pharmaceutical sales and those DR's can b pretty creepy and sleezy!!

My boyfriend and I wear promise rings and everyone just assumes we are married so we just go with it

Have an 8 year old boy from an x girlfriend. I'm an active member so people always refer to her as wife x wife.

I lie about being married because it helps me sell cars

My now husband lied to his family that we were married because he was tired of them saying we need to get married and go to church.

My friend and I wanted to go to the wedding expo for fun and the employees would ask when we're getting married so we just went with it and made everything up.

My husbands Ex lied about being married because she got pregnant & wanted to save face living in utah county & for her kids/family

My mom and aunt pretended to be a married lesbian couple to go on a free cruise.

My boyfriend and I are house hunting (renting) and it is easier and sounds better if we are married to our renters.

I have been with my boyfriend for 11 years and sometimes I lie and say we're married cause I'm sick of people asking why we aren't.

I lie about being married cause the guy has Been in prison the whole time