my friend lives in a house that a murdered happened not only did she know it before she moved there but she had an article from the paper about them

We live in a house where the owner had overdosed and died in our house. Been living there almost ten years.

my aunt and uncle bought a house in California and the husband murdered the wife in the kitchen they bought it anyway and still live there

I bought a house knowing that a man ha murdered his wife in the house. I even still get mail for his dead wife (it was a great deal)

I bought a House that burned down and was rebuilt the original owner died in the fire...bought it anyway

We knew somebody shot themselves in our bathroom. The tile was different shades of pink.

my parents bought a house in a town that is famous for ghosts.Lights turn on, doors shut/open appliances turn on. At least they are friendly.

my sisters friends just moved into this condo , first time living together. The previous owner shot himself in the kitchen.

I live in the house that my husband's ex girlfriend shot herself in the bathroom.

My buddy, is renting the the house Ted Bundy lived in. In the avenues. Creepy

BEFORE we bought a house years ago, neighbors told my husband that a previous owner of the house committed suicide in the garage.

I know a family that lives in the husbands parents house where the dad overdosed in the kitchen

While I was engaged to my husband we went away for a weekend getaway to Moab during which his ex wife broke into his house and hung herself from a decorative cross beam between the kitchen and living room. I still married him and moved in. It was eerie at first but we did a major remodel shortly after