I missed my sisters wedding because she was marrying my ex boyfriend.

I entered the MTC two days before my sister's wedding. While gone my oldest brother also got married and my mom got re-married... Missed all three.

I didn't go to my brothers wedding because he made my ex husband his best man.

I'm the middle sibling and last to be married out of six kids. Only two siblings even tried to show up. Disappointing.

I missed my brother's wedding because I was intentionally left off the guest list until getting a pity invite a week before the event.     

My sister missed my wedding because she said she couldn’t afford to fly here so my dad offered to pay for her and she still said no.

My brother missed my wedding. He lives in California and my parents even offered to pay for him to come and he didn't. I'm his only sister!

Missed two of my sisters' weddings because i was in Ukraine on an LDS mission, only had a month left but they didnt wait
My brother missed my wedding. My whole family came from Brazil and he did not apply for a visa with enough time. I told him time and time again and he said he had it under control. He called me the day before they were supposed to arrive to tell me he wasn't coming

Brother missed my wedding because he's in prison for rape :-\ the morning of my wedding

My three siblings aren't allowed to come to my wedding because I'm not speaking to my dad.. LAME!!

My sister missed my wedding because she was mad that I was fighting with my mom but the funny thing is my mom came

My sister got married four months before I got home from my mission. I'm still pissed 20 years later. :)