Our best man used his speech time to talk about himself. Not once was my husband and i mentioned...


Father in law got my mothers name wrong during the toast


My step mom stood up at my wedding and started talk about my worst memory getting sexually harassed as a child and having to move away and how I wanted to call her mommy when I was little. Needless to say, she's crazy and we haven't spoke since


I stood up to congratulate the happy couple. I said my brothers name right, but when I got to his new brides name, I called her the ex girlfriends name.


My brother's wedding. Our family isn't religious, his wife's fam is. I didn't plan to speak, didn't have anything prepared when he dragged me up there. Ended up getting emotional & dropping 4 F-bombs without realizing it!!! I don't drink anymore so I couldn't even use it as an excuse. 


I went to a friend's mission farewell and what he meant to say was "a testimony is like an organism" but what He really said was "a testimony is like an orgasm"


I screwed up the toast at my friend's wedding. I already had a case of beer and working on the champagne bottles anyway needless to say I went on for about 20 minutes about absolutely nothing


Our best man took shots in the dressing room @ our non-alcoholic wedding & then preceded to deliver the worst speech ever about anything & everything!


My best friend brought my little black book and started reading off the names and commented on which ones I was intimate with before my husband


Best man admitted his long love for my wife


At my best friends wedding, her husbands uncle told a story of her husband being found naked with a my size Barbie when he was five and said now he doesn't need a Barbie! Her family is super LDS! Awkward but hilarious!!


I gave a joint speech at my friends wedding after the first girl when it was my turn I pretty much just repeated everything the girl before me had just said but in a far more intoxicated voice. I blame the wedding party for the shots of tequila all day long 


In front of my very religious family my friend went into detail about how we looked up sex terms in the dictionary. Not too bad but my grandma started crying cause she's crazy