I lost 2 brothers in a car accident when I was 7, driver fell asleep at the wheel. 17 years later it is still hard. Always wear your seat belt!

my uncle's entire family was killed in a car accident. They were on icy roads and by a semi truck. It killed all three kids, my uncle, and my aunt

back in the 70s my moms uncle came back to town from a work trip to find his wife and two little girls dead in their home...

I worked with a girl whose brother and sister died in a car accident on the way to their mother's funeral.

one of my good friends lost her parents and brother in their small airplane accident two weeks before we graduated from high school

My coworker lost his mom, sister, and girlfriend in a boating accident while his dad was driving.

my neighbors lost their son and daughter in a car accident coming home from lake Powell. A month later the wife lost her husband.

my cousin and her husband both drowned, leaving behind 5 kids under the age of 10, the youngest being twin boys 6 months old.

worst day of my life! 2 years ago my dad shot my handicapped brother, my mom and then himself! I have no family left except my husband

I had a friend in high school that was driving home with his family from a trip. He was driving with his two sisters and mom and dad , and his 3 brothers were driving in a mustang. They saw that 3 brothers hit head on with another car in there all 3 were killed.

Some friends of ours went on an anniversary getaway, rented a Harley and were hit by a horse trailer out in Tooele both the wife and husband died

i took care of a 13 y/o girl (only child) who lost dad, mom, best friend because a drunk on a motorcycle T-boned them

my cousin her husband and little baby died in a fire

Goodman Family lost 3 kids in Draper in 1996 in a car accident. They were a singing family.

I know a man who was on his way to his baby's blessing & the family took 2 cars. The wife, baby, & 2 other children were hit by a train & all died.

My ex-husband lost his cousin and her husband and a plane crash coming back from Wendover. Left behind 2 kids ages 8 & 12.