One of the older nurses I work with in same day surgery has to spend a week in the psych ward fairly often after a busy week at work...

my 4th grade teacher sprayed a kid in the face with windex to shut him up. Then walked out and quit.

We had an agent loose his mind bcuz we stopped buying candy for the front desk. He called out the owner to a fist fight in the parking lot at 3pm

working at hotels, housekeepers have just been fed up and some just walk out leaving the cart in the hallway and everything

when a wireless customer hands you a poopy phone and asks why it isn't working

Worked at a high end spa in the valley - one massage therapist had a big temper and would storm around yelling before an appointment

bellman coworker was done one day so he told a guest to F off, lit Up a cigarette and left. Never saw him again

 I had a coworker yell at the top of his lungs in a semi-crying voice "I can't take it anymore" and threw his phone across the room and broke it.

 I was a manager at a retail store and I was called into work because the store manager was taking drugs and cutting herself in the employee bathroom

had a teacher at my high school  get so mad she threw 3 chairs at me and i wasnt the one fighting with her.. she retired that year..