Left on a trip out of the country for 2 weeks forgot to take out the trash. Took 2 days to air out the house

left for Disneyland, came home a week later at 3:00 a.m. & waterbed (yes, it was 20 yrs ago!) had completely leaked out all over carpet. Earring punched it

 I turned off my heater in January and went to Puerto Rico for ten days... Came back and it was freezing!!! Turned the heater back on with out realizing our pipes were frozen (yeah stupid I realize now) and left to see my nephew. I came back to rushing water coming out of under my sink, practically a rainstorm in my house

YEP. Our deep freeze I had just cleaned, stemmed and froze 120 lbs of strawberries. I left it unplugged while we went to disneyland for a week.
Went to heber, came home and our front door was open.

went to WA for a week and came home to find a horrible smell turns out I didn't run the disposal before we left

my son ran back in for a Popsicle when we left for vaca and isn't shut the freezer tight, had just bought 1/2 a cow worth of meat

left for Christmas break and our apartment management turned our heat off after we left. It's Seattle, so the windows froze and then shattered during a wind storm. Everything in two rooms ruined including walls and carpet.

when I was younger, me and my fam went to Disneyland for a week. Someone pooped and left the toilet seat up without flushing! All week...
left for two days and came home to our hamsters in the heater vents. Yes, they had escaped...all 3.

At my house in San Diego I left the side door to the house open and came back to 5 rattlesnakes in the house

left for one week and the water heater went out and flooded the basement with a foot of water. $40,000 in repairs

1 1/2 month business trip. Left raw chicken breast in kitchen garbage.. Didn't bring dates home for months.