left an ex saying "go **** yourself you dirty hoe, go cheat on someone else." Went back to her a year later

Walked out of work and told the supervisor I don't need this f*ing job! Came back the next day to finish my last scheduled day

I called my boss an f*ing bitch and walked out 13 years ago, we are still friends to this day.

called the cops on him when I told him I was done and he wouldnt get out. He still came back for more after his parents posted bail 3 days later

 had a co worker up and quit one day and tell the boss he had decided he was too smart to work for these idiots then came begging for his job back

Arrogant coworker threw a fit when some1 promoted as boss over him. Told Pres he could not work w/him as boss. Pres said ok, bye. Next day guy tried to come back