Married my ex wife, knew something was off but didn't trust my instincts. She ended up cheating on me

I did it, he is shady as hell lol but I fell in love with his kids. I ended up adopting his kids. And we ended up divorced

My boyfriend has a friend who's engaged to a shady guy. He's drugged her before and he's into some pretty freaky stuff (sexually).

Found out 3 days before my wedding day that my fiancé was cheating on me the whole time we were dating - with his ex mistress from his previous marriage

My sisters boyfriend has told her he isn't happy with her and he wants other women.. She still moved in with him and they're going on a cruise

my friend married this guy who tried to get down my pants and two other friends. At their wedding there was a huge fist fight.

married my ex husband even though he had cheated, was talking to another girl as if they were in a relationship- even after we married he cheated

My friend married a creepy older guy she met on Myspace 3 weeks after graduating from high school. She knew it wouldn't last but did it anyway

Found his cocaine stash one week before the wedding. Still married him cuz I was embarrassed to call it off. Separated 5 months later

 found my ex husband in bed with my cousin 'just cuddling' didn't call it off cause wedding all paid for and caught him more than cuddling after

I have a friend, walked in on the guy cheating twice! Still married him

Married my best guy friend in college knowing that the nickname the girls had given him was "hands". Lol. He cheated 3 weeks after we were married