I was just thinking how we haven't gotten sick this year now my whole family has the flu. :(

Yesterday before my dentist Checkup I said I haven't had any cavities forever! Right after they found 2;(

I parked near a dumpster at my apartment and thought "what will they do tow me?" And sure enough they did. It sucked.

A couple years ago I was at lunch with some friends, I was bragging how I'd never gotten in a car accident or a ticket - that night on my way to work....totaled my car and got a big fat ticket for it.

My friend told me he has never been stung by a bee that day he jinxed him self and got stung

My husband was bragging to his buddy about how he's never been to jail and an hour later got pulled over, arrested and put in jail for traffic tickets.

I bragged i had never had a broken bone and that afternoon fell off the bleachers at the park and broke my wrist

I called in to my old job said I had my appendix, out. I didn't really. One month later I had my appendix out

was bragging about how good my cars have been to me. Now having major problems with both!