A deer hit me!! Jump from the shoulder into the side of my car. Totalled my poor geo metro!


Live in herriman and I hit one every 6 months driving Baccus hwy. They come from no where


deer ran into me with no time to react. On Alpine Hwy...almost totaled my car.


 My mom totaled a brand new F150 hitting a monster 200lb+ whitetail buck in Wisconsin.


I just got my car back from hitting a deer on 2100 North in Lehi thank goodness I was going so fast the deer flew over my car versus flying on top of


 A 3 point buck ran into our car just out of the blue up in heber. It did 3 grand in damage. It happened while turning into my in laws driveway


hit a deer on foothill. It was 5 am pretty foggy. Totalled my Honda accord . Got more than what I paid for it though. Winning. Thanks deer


boyfriend has always hated the bumper guard on his truck until a couple weeks ago. Hit a deer up by kamas /fruitland . Didn't damage the truck


A friend has wrecked his car over a dozen times by running into deer. One time he ran through a herd of deer killing seven. His car must be cursed


up in draper going about 35 and the deer came out of no where and for some reason I stepped on the gas not the brake. But luckily the deer just bounced


Hit a little deer in Cottonwood Heights. Car did not look bad but cause $6k in damage


 my husband hit a young Buck last Friday in the Uintas. Totalled his $20,000 car and the effing Buck lived!


about two weeks ago my friends father hit a deer up in the canyon on his motorcycle going about 70 mph. Luckily he only broke his collar bone a few bones


I have a buddy who has hit a deer TWICE in the past year.


 A few years ago my dad hit two deers on the hwy in WY, one went down the side of the truck and the other hit the front and bounced up onto the windshield 


I've hit a deer in my semi near vernal. Only broke a fog light but completely exploded the deer


a friend of mine hit a pregnant deer and the unborn fetus was stuck in his grill guard


I was driving back from ephraim, a deer jumped out right in front of me, smacked the left side of my car. 5 minutes later same thing almost happened


My uncle was killed when he hit a deer while on his motorcycle


hit a big ass deer going to work at 4am. My car instantly stopped running. Barely got it off the side of the rd. the engine was smoking and spewing.


hit a deer in our work truck while pulling a trailer in Wyoming, hit the deer with the trailer and when we got to the job site we found a deer fetus