I know a guy who had to be airlifted out of the Wind Rivers when he broke his ankle. Lucky for him, they wrote it off as a "training exercise".

My dad worked for Search & Rescue, there was this very large man who Hiked Timp & because he did not want to walk back down he fake an ankle injury

 my lil bro was in the scout group that was lost for a couple of days in Washington state a couple years ago! Super scary for us!!

my bro n sis law was rescued about 7 winters ago in central ut. They'd been or for 12 days. Big story when it happened.

my younger brother got lost snowboarding on the backside of Jackson hole ski resort with friends. 3 search and rescue teams sent out

my dad (scout leader) and his scout troop had to be rescued by search and rescue and ended up being taken down the tram at bridal veil falls back 20

 Went snowmobiling and got down in a ravine of trees and snow was too deep. Spent most of the night. Built a snow cave and had a fire going for eight hours. Rescue crew came at 2 AM and flew out in a helicopter