My husband told me I had to throw away my bikinis the day after we got married. We just got divorced and I bought 7 bikinis!


I made my wife stop modeling once we got married


Told my husband he couldn't work his security job anymore it was to dangerous by the way that's where we met


My soon to be ex husband. Slowly started adding rules pulling me away from everyone. Friends, family, every one


I'm married man can't go see my girl friends wife won't let me she gets jealous I guess


My wife said no more drinking


Face book rules: no men or women the wife or husband doesn't know on the others friend list.


When we got married my husband started putting restrictions on my spending. I was only allowed a certain amount each month for groceries, gas, and any personal things. I wasn't even a big spender! He's extremely frugal! The hard part is that I make a lot more than him so it caused some issues.


Got married now wife says NO R rated movies :( And no farting in bed

Told my husband no porn


My ex wife was super freaky! The day after the sex at all! Yeah that marriage didn't last


My husband told me I had to immediately erase every single guy in my phone, coworker or not. And supposedly cannot talk to them either.


I was a successful female DJ in Utah and played in clubs from Park City to Ogden, and I made really good money! My man didn't like the attention I got so it was him or Djing.


My sister in law is not allowed to work or make her own money. Her husband thinks he has to control her by being the only source of money for her.


My husband told me I couldn't go to grad school anymore ruining my dreams if becoming a professor.


Husband goes completely vegan and no gluten and expects the same for me. Said no kids until I comply