On the safari ride, my sister and I were charged by an ostrich because the car we were in was too close to its nest and eggs.

we went to the beach in California and my dad got stung by a stingray. I had to rescue him in 2 feet of water because he couldn't stand up

my little bro was attacked my a mama moose. He's lucky to be alive.

 was in Yellowstone and watched at a lady get attacked by a cow elk when she got to close trying to take a picture of it

I remember as a kid I was like 7 on my grandpa's farm I always chased his chickens around. Then by surprise a flippin turkey came around the corner

I was feeding a sealion at seaworld and a seagull swept down to get the fish and got my finger instead.

went to a petting zoo in Seattle this weekend and we were feeding an elk out the passenger window when another elk came in the driver window and bit me

got attacked by a goose when I was 3 or 4. Vivid memory. Still not a fan of wAter fowl.

I worked at bear world and saw a worker get attacked by an angry bear

A kid I went to school with got attacked by a bear one yr camping. He lived.

chased by a badger as a park ranger..

Had a buffalo knock me into the firehole river in Yellowstone while fly fishing.

stepped on a rattle snake it wrapped around my foot just kicked it off it never bit me

One summer we went on a horseback riding trip and one of my friends got kicked in the jaw. It's been three years and he still struggles to talk

 I was goosed by a goose and when I screamed it chased me- it was the scariest 3.5 seconds of my life

My brother and I were getting kindling while camping and this squirrel ran out of the tree, ran up his leg and played the drums on his head.

Summer sales years ago in Ann Arbor Michigan as I knocked on the door a bird started dive bombing me. All I could think was Hitchcock "birds"...

on a trail ride w my nephew. A little dark at the time and was a little ahead of me when I heard him squeal like a girl after being sprayed by a skunk