My sister turned the firework towards our house on accident and it shot into our car and burnt our Utah Utes blanket

My parents brought back illegal fireworks from Wyoming. We were setting them off,.one tipped over, shot at people and started the field on fire

on the 4th I was taking a photo of the fireworks @ a friend's house and an arial tipped over and shot me on my armpit! That hurt like a mutha!!!!

 did fireworks twice - 1st time set the blanket 6 kids were sitting on on fire. 2nd time knocked neighbors shed down and caught their bush on fire.

A firework exploded my 10 year old nephew got a serious 3rd degree burn and others feet got burned everyone ran in all directions

A Firework fell over onto its side and began shooting in the direction where we were all sitting. My 11 year old daughter got the worst of it

aerial firework tipped over and was shooting all of us watching. One went in the garage under my dad's car.

 friends parents was the one in ogden that set the house on fire after the fire work tipped over

aerial firework tipped over grandma's shirt burning as she's running away my brother took one to the neck

 An arial was set off. A freak ball of fire shot out of the side and straight and me and an innocent child.

fireworks over for an hour, a leftover ember started a fire near the fence, burned it down

my family and I had a roman candle war. My cousin got shot in the head and she lost about an 8th of her hair. It hit her right above the eye

one of my neighbor's fireworks fell over and shot into my tree and caught it on fire

my cousin accidentally lit an aerial upside down. Started shooting at us on front lawn

my son threw a firework, the jumping type, it landed and fell on our DRIED OUT LAWN ands started a fire.

neighbor lit a firework and thought it was a dud. While lighting one next to it the first went off and hit him in the eye. Might still loose his eye

My sister in law was lighting fireworks a lighter, she was trying to avoid burning her forehead

the first aerial out caused the box to jump and land on its side aimed right at us