I had an ingrown hair on my tailbone. Yeah.... Don't ask

my buddy had surgery on his pee-pee

my cousin had to get surgery on her eye cause one was a lot smaller than the other.

I had a cyst on my butt...literally the most AWKWARD surgery (and check-ups) ever!

My dad had to have hemorrhoid surgery. It got so bad nothing else could fix it.

my hands would sweat a lot I got the nerve cut so it's impossible for them to anymore

I had a hole in my eardrum. They had to basically cut my ear off from the back to go in and repair it

I got into a fight with a meat slicer and had to have skin grafted back on to the pads of my fingers. now I have really cool fingerprints

during childbirth i developed anal fissures. Small tears up inside my &@$! Had to have surgery to stitch it all back up!!

Stepped on a toothpick that went in between my toes had to have surgery to remove it Squirted superglue in my eye; nine hours of surgery later I can see

my 44 year old cuz just had her Va JJ reconstructed and so proud that she has a 20 year old one now. I declined seeing the masterpiece

7 years old, I had surgery to remove an inch long sliver that was 2 inches under my skin...on my butt!

I fell off the roof hanging Christmas lights landed on my hip on the window well and had to have surgery on my butt for a hematoma

one of my wife's clients had to have back door reconstruction like 4 times

I've had the ingrown nail surgery multiple times and they have to cauterize it for the nail doesn't grow anymore its disgusting and painful

28 yr old brothers testicals started to go back up. Surgery needed to fix it.

I got a bone infection from picking hang nail.

i had to have a lingual tonsillectomy they had to remove part of my tongue. to help me from getting sick every month

friend of mine got a bifurcation surgery on his tongue that's where they cut your tongue down the middle so that it becomes two independently moving parts Like a snake would have.

my son's extra fingers and toes removed

My youngest son got one of my long hairs twisted around his toe while he was asleep. It had worked its way into the feet of his PJs in the wash. The hair cut off circulation to his toe. It swelled up like a blueberry. It was too swollen to get the hair off. It took two doctors and four nurses over an hour to remove the hair when finally the blueberry toe "popped." He developed an infection and was in the hospital for nearly two weeks.