going to be a bridesmaid in a cowboy theme party soon, shoot me now

my aunt had a Winnie the Pooh themed wedding. Seriously not even joking

my cousin had a world of Warcraft themed wedding. Weird.

next weekend 1920s theme wedding

coworker went to a wedding she walked in and thought oh it's nautical! Nope! Pirate it was a pirate wedding.

my brother got married on Halloween on the theme for them was addams family. We had to wear Halloween costumes

Went to a cowboy wedding and was in the wedding party. Wore a nice dress and had to wear a denim jacket over it. Had hay bales around

I went to a Disney themed wedding. So awful! Disney FONT on the invitation. Disney movies playing and Disney quotes throughout the venue

my sis got married on Halloween all out costume party!

went to a wedding the there was medieval times. Everyone even guest dressed the part.

My good friend had a showgirls and gangsters themed wedding. The girls hated it. The guys loved all the skanky showgirls outfits.

my friend second time around decided to have an 80's wedding, neon, shoulder pads and huge crimped hair! It was crazy fun!

No joke, some friends of mine were going to have a Flintstones wedding

 rainbow wedding theme......for a man and woman. The brides dress was rainbow. The cake was rainbow. The ring was rainbow.

I am currently invited to a Zelda the video game wedding

going to a day of the dead wedding. They are making the wedding party paint their faces and guest required to wear black

Candyland themed wedding! Complete with licorice and lollipops in the bouquet, giant lollipops decorating the outside of the church

I'm in a porn star wedding

my cousin had a Jurassic Park wedding. I think it was just an excuse not to mow their lawn for the reception!

My brother had a Utah Jazz wedding and everyone wore sports attire. Friend had a zombie wedding.