Wrapped up my wife's ring on the inside of the precious moments figurine and gave it to her on a boat in downtown Chicago

Scavenger hunt through the state of Texas

Asked my wife to marry me by throwing a ring in a dirty diaper. Figured if she was gonna put up with our kids' crap, she was a keeper!

Put my wife's ring on a fishing line and had her reel it In from our canoe.

He purposed on the roof of our rv

My fiance took me paragliding over the summer and on the mountain he had will you marry me signs when we flew over them:)!

My buddy proposed while they were free falling from the sky dive

My husband got Santa to call me by name to his lap and then he came and got down on one knee and asked me in front of all our kids

My husband and I were working at Toys R Us. He proposed to me on the Barbie aisle, back when Barbie was in pink boxes. It was sweet and very fitting

On a girls trip in Seattle with my now mother and sister in laws when my now husband flew out and surprised me with a proposal.

I proposed to my wife on the top deck of a Mexican cruise ship under the stars. All while a mariachi band played, we were the only ones up there

My wife is a teacher. I waited for her class program and proposed in front of the whole school. Parents of the kids got it all on video.

Took fiancé for a short hike in the mtn's and was able to get the ring in a snowball. With the snowball in my palm I slowly flicked the snowball in her face ( joking) while saying she loves me she loves me not until she seen the ring. She loves me and said yes! Married for almost 14yrs

I came home from wk 32 yrs ago and there were clues all over apt when i got to end there was note and ring

I set up with 2 of my sheriff buddies to pull me over while she was with me.. So they pulled us over and said I had a warrant and they arrested me and took me back to their trucks.. She was screaming at them and even threatened them! They said you want to say anything to each other before we take him in..Then I proposed!!