I just had my 3rd baby at home and I'm birthing tub and it was awesome

you poop heads shouldn't comment on things you obviously know nothing about

I had a neighbor who had all five children at her home in a kiddie pool in her bedroom.

my best friend wanted to do it all natural at home.. Cord was wrapped around his neck. He died.. He would have lived if they were at the hospital

I think this is becoming super common. My sis in law had her 2 kids at home and I have a friend who's planning a home birth. it's a lot cheaper

A lady I work with is having a baby next month and doing the same home birth organic crap. She is also literally going to eat the placenta

Thank you! As a NICU nurse I KNOW people are playing Russian roulette delivering their babies at home! Like DB said, WHY take the chance!

I work in healthcare. I can't tell you how many deaths and serious complications I've seen as a result of "home births"

with the costs of birth skyrocketing in hospitals people are finding other places to have their baby. Home. Birthing centers.

my cousin had her 2nd child in a tub (with her husband covered in goo) after a C section!!!!! Ahh

working in a NICU I can tell you how deadly home births can be. Don't do it
you guys should me more neutral about it. Hospital births just make hospitals more rich.

my neighbor has had all her kids that way but the strange part is she had the older kids watch. She had them in a blow up swimming pool in her living room

actually cheaper to have a home birth with a midwife than hospital so many choose that route for $ reasons. Also the environment is much more relaxed

Jeez guys! It's a personal opinion. They evaluate you, before they give the heads up to have a home birth. It's safe and a very personal choice

I would rather pay a hospital bill, funeral bills are pretty expensive too.

I had a professional videographer for the birth of my last one. But it was my sister. I don't think I could have had anyone else

My old Neighbor is a midwife and she delivers other people's babies in her home and her kids get to watch.

 I knew a family having their 6th baby. They could not afford the hospital. So they had their baby with a midwife. She started to hemorrhage

had a neighbor delivered her baby at home in the kitchen on a tarp and it died

I'm a paramedic.. home deliveries w/a midwife are a DISASTER! DON'T DO IT!!!

 both of my kids deliveries had complications one needed forceps and one had cord around neck. Never would recommend a home birth

ok people. 18th century women didn't have options so it was all natural! Families who want home births are NOT putting their child's life first.

a friend of mine almost died because they left part of the placenta in her

my mom is a nurse and she said it doesn't save money. Midwives cost as much as a doctor