my wife literally turns into a beast at least once a week due to a "bad dream" about me FML!

my mom had a dream my dad cheated on her she woke up the next Morning and he smacked him

my wife once woke up and told me that she knew it was irrational but she didn't want to talk to me because she had a bad dream about me

I go into work around 4 am and suddenly my wife questions if that's where I'm actually going because of a dream!

My wife had a dream of me I guess cheating on her. So when she woke up she hit me

my husband had a dream about me sleeping with someone else and he wouldn't talk to me for several days.

i had a dream that my husband was cheating on me and I caught him. I started hitting him in my dream and ended up punching him in the back

I had very vivid dreams when I was pregnant. I had a dream My husband was cheating on me with my BFF! I woke up and thought it was real! I punched him

My wife frequently has weird dreams that make her wake up mad at me... She does tell me, but sometimes she is still mad days later!!!

My husband had a dream that I cheated on him he woke up calling me all kinds of names and actually kick me out of the house for 2 weeks.... pathetic!

my wife woke up pissed off at me.smacked me and couldn't believe I didn't know why she even pulled the if you don't know why then I can't help you

my gma had a dream that my Gpa got a 'secret trailor' with a woman and my gma woke up and threw the covers off, gave him a disgusted look and said 'And You expect me to go to the temple with you today??!