My friends used to sit outside David Archuleta's house for HOURS and leave him notes in his mailbox

I went to Charleston, SC and had heard about one of my favorite actresses having a house there. Tracked down the address and did a drive by. Yeah, I'm crazy.

Back in High school we went to Kentucky on a family vacation and we stopped at every place that Brian from the backstreet boys used to work at or went to high school. We tried to find his old house but weren't able to.

When I was 16 I drove with my car decorated in signs and posters to Vegas with my BFF to see nsync. Then followed all their vehicles to their hotel and tried to sweet talk their security guards to let us back stage.

When the Jonas brothers were still together a bunch of us were surrounding their car when they finished an interview at a radio station ..the windows were tinted so we were trying to look inside and yelling "I love u" and chasing their car for about a few blocks.. It didn't seem crazy then

After a concert my friends and I followed the Jonas brothers passed park city. The concert was in Salt Lake City.

I worked on the set of 127 hours and kept all of James Franco's trash, and I kept it under my bed for a few years!

I followed Gordon Hayward onto an elevator to get a pic.

We went to Idaho and drove by all the houses that Pedro, Napoleon and summer lived in on Napoleon dynamite.

I stalked Modern Family and got to meet them.

I stalked Steve young and chased him down i-15. Going over 90+. I lost him at the highland Alpine exit.