Got bleach in my eye while cleaning a dog kennel back when I was a kennel assistant. That burned soo badly

I'm a hairstylist. Cut my finger during a haircut. Ya I cut my knuckle off. I needed stitches

lift and twisted holding several hundred pounds and perforated a lower disk, back is trashed for life now, I'm only in my mid 30s

i was trying to fix the fender on a customers car and i smashed some vice grips into my face. I had to get 7 stitches in my eyebrow.

I work for a surgeon. I was setting up a needle and jammed it through my hand. I totally tried to crucify myself!!! Took over 6 months for the tingling away

When I worked at McDonald's I was a manager and went to shut the big safe I slammed my finger in it and literally almost passed out

I work construction, shot a nail gun through my big toe nailing off a floor and Pinned myself to the floor and had to get my boss to pry out the nail

I was unloading a truck and I step on the edge of a pallet to reach the loose stuff on top of that pallet and I dislocated my left knee

worked in a fab shop as a welder and leaned on a pipe that was just welded on, burned my palm BAD

severed a tendon in my finger cutting keys.

I was training a guy and he wasn't paying attention and smashed is foot in between a metal rack and a riding palletjack, ripped 3 toes off.

one of my husband's coworkers actually passed away on the job. It's a manufacturing job and he tripped and some tools and parts went through his lungs

A co worker fell off the back of a truck he was loading, onto to the corner of a metal cart. Caught his scrotum on the cart and ripped it open.

worked at a restaurant that uses steamers. Tripped and severely burned my arm trying to break my fall.

caught my finger under the metal edge of a 5 galling ice cream tub. Finger sliced open all the way through the nail.

Cut tops of 2 fingers off with table saw

had a nail gun fall on my head. I was moving a ladder and it fell from a top of a 28ft ladder

slipped on a wet floor while at work. Hit the side of my head on a basket sitting on the counter- cut the top of my ear off

Coworker walking into work fell&dislocated her elbow.needed 2 surgeries.Work tried to deny claim "she wasn't on clock yet" she fought&won!

I dislocated my shoulder doing a fire drill at the school I work at

Termite injection job, walking to the truck caught lower shoulder on the gate lock, caused infection in right breast implant

A worker at my father-in-law's wood yard cut his thumb off! While splitting wood! They tried to save it but it died....needless to say no thumb.

Second day at work, flooded the toilet. Scrambling to clean up the floor, hurt my back! Not embarrassing at all

At a freight company, walking along a piece frayed ply board, stepped forward and rammed a large wooden dagger into my leg