I was proposed via text. Then given the ring one night after work while my husband was half asleep and in his underwear.

I got proposed to in a hot tub!!!

My husband proposed to me while we were driving in the car.... So romantic

My hubby hid the ring in my birth control pills O_O. WTFT!

My hubby was drunk with all our friends! Not romantic at all

My ex proposed to me while laying in bed... " I think we should get married" should have been the clue it wouldn't work out lol

Slipped the ring into my pants pocket while I was making dinner, the asked "does it fit? " an hour later

I was disappointed with my proposal. He didn't even get down on one knee. We were just sitting on the bed, when he said 'so do you want to get married?'

We were sitting in his truck. He gave me the ring box and said, so you going to marry me or what? Been married 23 years!

My friend and her boyfriend got into a really big fight. She gave him an ultimatum, either she's done living with him or he proposes. Later that night he proposed in their living room. She was mad how he did it, but happy they're getting married

The guy had my friend play pin the tail on the donkey. While she was blind folded, he got on his knee... Weird

My husband proposed to me while camping, drunker than hell, during a huge fight. He said to me in the middle of yelling at each other- 'f' it! Will you just marry me?' A proposal with the f word! Ha ha!

My ex and I were both smokers when he proposed n he tucked the ring into the wrapper of my pack of cigarettes

When he proposed to me I was mad about something and in a hurry to get ready to go somewhere. I walk in the room buttnaked and he is on his knee. Seriously?

He put the ring box in a chick fila kids meal never even asked me put it on my desk and left

My husband proposed in front of his whole family… They all stared at me and it was super awkward!

Proposal- in the car after work on our way to dinner with his parents...

He threw the box at me and said you've earned it

Proposal in the McDonalds drive thru.

My hubby threw a ring at me while we watched tv xmas eve

My ex asked while I was peeing... Thank goodness I ended that

My husband didn't even propose. We just went and picked out a ring and he said 'we are engaged now!' :(

My grandma said my grandpa pulled off the road and then said I think we should get married before we HAVE to get married ;)

When we found out I was pregnant my ex's exact words were "damn looks like we have to get married" yes he's my ex now

I was proposed to in a haunted house with chainsaws in the background.

He proposed when we had just got out of the shower & i was in a towel

My husband walked to my work where I was a receptionist and just tossed the ring box over the counter

My husband proposed at the aquarium and an employee walked up and said "oh you are the one proposing today, huh??" So he said no and we left. Then he proposed in front of a temple. Ugh. I was not happy. Such a typical Utah wedding.