yup I sure did. He was out of town for three months slept with 2 different guys. We are no longer together.

to stop the drought I went to my boss, who is also my husbands good friend.

I did go outside and 4 years later found out my son was his not my husbands. Didn't go well. Still doesn't

During our drought she was away on vaca, so drunkenly i went to where i knew i could end the drought. Naked about to commit the act, i couldn't do it.

my husband went outside the marriage during a dry spell. The dry spell was caused because I had just had a still born baby

moved into a house with him, worked separate shifts, so we both started seeing other ppl. Relationship was over in 3 months after 4 yrs

my husband takes a supplement that makes him unable to perform. He won't stop taking it so....yep