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Did you go on vacation and leave your pet with someone and it died? Did someone leave their pet with you and it passed away?

Posted July 2nd, 2014 @ 10:08am

my friends were watching my dog and he got out of the house and ended up getting hit by a car and died


left my yorkie with my mother in law. a pitbull went in her backyard and killed my dog


was watching a friend's dog, took it for a walk and it keeled over and died. Was hard to call my friend with the news.


 I was dog sitting. Overnight the st Bernard had a seizure and knocked a six foot shelf over crushing him. Died the next day


 I was watching my moms dog while she was out of town I let the dogs out to go potty in the middle of the night and it ran away


 my family and I were in Hawaii and while we were gone our dog died in the care of my uncle. We didn't find out 2 weeks after we were home.


 I had a 20 year old cat that I left with family to get settled at school. He escaped through their doggy door and froze to death. I cried for a month.


 I was house sitting and dog sitting and their dog jumped their fence and got out and never was found it was horrible


my neighbors cat died while I was watching it. Old age. Not my fault but I was so scared to tell them


I was watching my nieces guinea pigs while they went on vacation. my dogs decided to play with them and killed two of the three. 


left the dog out on accident & she was hit by a car. I still feel bad


my dog choked on a super ball and died at the dog sitter while we were in Cali


My family was watching our friend's cat & we go out to dinner, come home &someone ran over it!


I went out of town and took my dog to a dog boarding place in Layton. When I came back they told me the dogs got in a fight and my dog was killed.



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