I'm excited for this topic you have coming up! I am a student teacher and my students have now started a new game called "let's see how bad we can miss behave when Miss X is being observed". I'm a month away from graduation and in jeopardy of not completing student teaching because my last observation was such a disaster


I'm a jr high teacher. Students turn in late assignments and then send angry emails later that day telling me I need to change their grade..


I'm a junior high teacher...this is why I'm a member of the teachers union! But you are right...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!


Today's children and their parents have become to lazy and complacent. It's no wonder why Americas kids are not the brightest. Every child should go through military school to understand respect


Thank you for covering this subject as much as you do. These parents need to be called out. Can't stand the entitlement of kids anymore. My kids are threatened on a daily basis with a back yard beating if they don't behave. And they know it will happen


I found out my daughter was disrespecting a middle school teacher. I drug her down to school and made her apologize and told her that is someone mother, grandmother, and sister and how would she feel if someone treated her grandma that way....she started crying problem solved.


I went to school in Alabama where corporal punishment was allowed. You don't act out with a paddle hanging on the wall!


They should make these kids parents teach the class for a week and see how it is trying to educate kids that are out of control


More parents should volunteer in classrooms!!


I grew up in Tennessee (I'm 28) and we had the paddle. I wish they still did that.


American kids are so whiney.


Students behaviors are a reflection of how their parents act! These days parents think it's easier to yell at teachers rather than yell at their own kids


I failed a class and cut from the b-ball team. Parents sided with teacher. Best lesson ever.


My dad is the vice principal at an intermediate school and he says it's worse than ever these days. He has parents coming into his office yelling at him for disciplining their child. Um, that's his job! He's a VP for a reason!


That is appalling! Seriously what happened to respecting your elders.


I'm a first grade teacher and there are kids in my class I wouldn't be surprised if they might do the same thing eventually


I am a teacher and we had a student do the same kind of thing not too long ago, not as extreme but it got to the point where he was claiming his teacher was not nice and rude to just him, so his parents transferred him out of the class. All because he started playing the "I hate my teacher so I want out" card.


I'm a high school teacher... Haven't had a raise in 8 years. To vested to change . Sigh


The country started going downhill when they took spanking out of the schools


I'm a teacher and it's disgusting to me what those kids did, but not very surprising. Some parents are very unclear on what their job is and they expect the teachers to raise their children. So by the time these kids get to us, they're not used to adults ever telling them what to do and they're just not having it. Very upsetting and frustrating!!


It's a shame that teacher didn't have the support of her principal and a administration. As a teacher, I know my principal always has my back.


You would not believe how many parents I have argued with because they won't make their child own up to their bad behavior. I have never had so many parents question my authority than this year.


I would kick my child but and make him paid the teacher back


I deal with kids like that every day. 2 kids tried to get me fired, the father even called in with an accent saying I was being a racist. End result I had to write a letter of apology to the family or they would take it to the media. Brats!