My ex had proposed with a beautiful ring. I had to get it sized and the jeweler told me it was sterling silver. And the diamonds were not real

Had suspected for some time that my engagement ring was cz...after divorce curiosity got the best of me...YEP, my suspicions were spot on...100% CZ

My friend was engaged and they ended up having a bad breakup and she went to pawn the ring and found out that it was fake!

Hell ya I checked my ring. When it was fake I confronted him, and he wasn't too happy with me. Looking back , I feel bad for doing so.

 I used to manage a jewelry store. Happens alllllllll the time

had a friend who the original jeweler told her it was real she noticed the gold was rubbing off, she brought it to another Jeweler and was told it was fake

I used to work in jewelry. Was at a party and a girl had recently gotten engaged and was showing off her ring. I could tell it was a fake from a mile

 I work at a jewelry store and we are required to check the stones in front of the customer before we take it in for any work. It's horrible and awkward