married my HOT wife who's a pediatrician & quit my job as the asst shift manager at pizza place


My husband quit his job 3 wks after we were married and one wk after we bought him a brand new jeep, which he was supposed to pay for!


My friends Wife thought he was having too much fun & it wasn't fair, so she quit her job while he was working 3 jobs & going to school full time. 


My ex husband quit two weeks after our wedding and to this day almost two years after splitting still won't work


my wife quit her job the day after we were married. Suffers from extreme anxiety. Didn't know it was that bad. In debt ever since. But I love her


My friends wife with a masters doesn't work while they are trying to save up for a house. She wants to only work 1 job that isnt available... And no kids


My ex-husband quit his job within a month of us getting married. I made more... He didn't see a need to work. Not awesome!


My sister in law quit her job not long after being married. They have been married for 7 years and she stays home and spends money like it is going out of style


my husband quit two weeks after marriage. Now divorced after absolutely refusing to with still no job 3 years after the fact.