my supervisor called into work the same day as me and said the associate that was covering my shift was covering her. Got fired for a no show.


one of my old mangers for me fired because she was jealous of me knowing how to do everything. She would get mad at me because other people would come to me


 I had a boss write me up for things like not organizing my desk correctly, or not showing up to mandatory Saturdays that's I never knew about .


I had a boss who lied about our sales. He ended up getting me fired after working there for 5 years. Funny part was, I did all the work. 


Got my son's daycare provider fired for threatening to cut his ears off

my sister is always trying to get someone fired. If she's not happy with a nurse or doctor at the hospital she will file a complaint. A server at a restaurant, file a complaint. Yes, she is that person and it is so embarrassing. She even got a very popular radio DJ fired a couple years ago, he did something he shouldn't have done but still. I felt so bad. She is a horrible person.


my friend was talking to her Boyfriend in jail while she was supposed to be working.. I told our boss, because of that and some other previous issues, she got fired


 I work with this witch... I haven't gotten her fired yet but I try everyday because my dad is the boss.. I'm getting closer!


I was fired and my boss was later booked for embezzlement.

my xgirlfriend got me fired and evicted same day


My parents got my old high school soccer coach fired. Is used to swear and call of the athletes name


I got a new girl at a tanning salon fired cuz she didn't do every aspect of her job one day and I happened to be friends with the owner of the salon.


I got my supervisor fired for posting on Facebook, "I can't stand gay people," which created a hostile working environment for me, as I am gay.


 I got a substitute teacher fired. Used a school computer all day to watch you tube videos!


 I got my verbally abusive 6th grade teacher fired

 I got a guy fired because he was watching porn at work and I told the owner


 I got our cleaning crew fired after catching them cleaning the kitchen with no sanitizer, drinking from cups and putting them back without cleaning


I tried to take on a dishonest plant manager. He lied on me and cost me a week off without pay. Corporate sided with him and I got fired.


I got my cousin fired when she told our boss that due to a miscarriage, she couldn't come to work and that she was on bed rest when she actually wanted to go to a rave and used her loss as a way to go.


 Teacher in high school was extremely inappropriate with me, turns out I wasn't the only girl and our reports got him fired.


Got a sub fired for not letting me use the restroom when I was on my period.


Got a girl fired when I worked @ a pizza place for giving out free food and picking her camel toes