grandparents and all got taken in a scam out of California for over 2 million dollars. We found out on Christmas night.


My grandparents lost it all after falling into their neighbors


My dad lost all his savings and retirement to a scam. He now has dementia, I am his care giver and I am also his financial fiduciary.


We rented from a lady that lost all of her money and couldn't afford to live in her own home. She went to live with a neighbor while we paid her rent


my parents got involved in an " investment". the family insisted my parents bring them in too. turned out it was a scam and the whole family lost everything 


my grandparents invested every penny they had into their son in laws "gold mine" and lost everything. They now have a reversed mortgage on their home


My grandma was scammed into sending over 100k to a man overseas claiming she was his soul mate and needed the money to come to USA


My dad was a victim of a Ponzi scheme where him and others were taken for millions and millions the guy spent over 300,000.00 on rental cars alone


My grandpa (used to be an airplane pilot) invested his retirement savings into this gold mining scam. They lost everything


when my dad died he left my mom about $800,000 in life insurance. my mom was a stay at home mom and invested the money and never saw it again


my dad is a financial planner and one of his clients invested over a million dollars into a new security, it turns out it was a scam


father-in-law started a "business". He got people to invest millions of dollars. Him and his wife spent it all and lost it all.


My friends neighbor scammed millions out of little old ladies to "invest" in stocks. Started in a nail salon...


my 86 yr old grandma was scammed as well as my parents, my dad is a retired firefighter and lost all his retirement


I smuggle candy and drinks into the movie theatre!!! Shocker!!!


smuggled my sister in law and her baby over Mexico border...scared the poop out of me!