I was driving with the instructor who said he needed me to do to the drive thru of a bank. Didn't quite make the turn, damaged the car and left my mark


i was embarrassed when some boys from my school say me taking my drivers ed test, to show off i asked them if they wanted to race and crashed the car


girl ran a stop sign during drivers Ed freaked out and swerved into a brick wall. We all had to walk back to the school.


Girl went to park the car at the end of the night and totally smashed into the back wall of the garage


my drivers ed teach fell asleep at the wheel! I drove forever!!


driving by airport on Sunday and drove into a ditch......neither of us had cellphones


I was driving in a neighborhood and waved to some kids I knew on their driveway. Then I hit their dad's car.


 I ran over a curb and into the grass. Had to wait two hours at a hotel lobby with my instructor and another student until they brought us a back up car..


 Couldn't work a stick shift and ran right into the wall in a ford fiesta. 

It was my sixteenth birthday and my final drivers ed test I got about 200 feet from the high school when someone pulled out I'm front of my and hit them



Girl went backwards into the ditch with a pinto during range and was screaming like she was dying. Instructor had to pull her out..



my cousin during drivers ed test she was going took a left turn and rolled the car twice


Drivers ed story: My brother flunked his driver's license test for totaling our parents' car on his driver's test when he was 16