I got into it with a 6 yr old at Costco who insisted that chicken come from fish. His grandma just let me argue with him

So I was at the park and a neighborhood kid was coming at my GF at the time because she couldn't make a shot on the court.

my little brother was playing soccer with my uncle and he said kick me the ball be-ach

my 3 year old niece said I had a weird haircut and I snapped back, "at least I don't have a natural mullet!" Not my finest moment

My 5 year old son told me to get a haircut cause it was ugly, I said I'm growing it out. He said well you look like poop. I said you look like poop

my family is sitting at an auction and my 4 yr old brother was running all over the place. My dad finally gets mad and tells him to sit down so my brother goes right in front of my dad puts his fist up and says "you want a piece of me"

5 year old in primary "What does sugar do?" Me "Sugar makes you happy..." Him "No, my mom says sugar makes you fat, and you must really like sugar

when my son was 2& half years old and he'd get mad at his dad he would tell him go back to work

I was feeding my daughter a bottle, a boy told me breastfeeding was better. It would keep me from getting cancer.

after wearing my short hair straight for a while I decided to wear it in natural waves one day. A neighbor kid asked what was wrong with my hair

my 4 y/o niece said "you're fat" I said "you're ugly" she tattled on me I asked my sister in law "are you going believe me or the 4 y/o" it was funny

My 4 year old niece is feisty and we were arguing over Belle being the best Disney princess and I got fed up so I yelled "you don't know my life" and her response was "oh...yes I do auntie" (her assertive nature scares me)

shopping with niece: what size are you? Small. No you're not. Yes. You're big. Yes, but I'm a small in woman's. No. Yes. You're a big fat liar. OMG!